jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008


The gnome waved and Yuuga approached the place which was bathed in a shiny blue shade. The gnome made a sign and Yuuga stopped where he was. Suddenly he gathered light from the stone and held it in his hands, he wrote some runes in the sand of the place where he was and suddenly the runes started to talk, but not babbling like a child, they sounded straight into Yuuga's ears.
Yuuga replied:
- Can you bring me back home? How could I trust you little hobgoblin?
He waited for the response:
- No I don't, I do not trust you little one, even if you are. I do not mind who's talking, you or your magic, just ask for the price and I'll pay for it, and be sure you bring me back safely and exactly at the place I ask you for.
- There is no free anything nowadays, so just ask for it or leave me be.
He waited for a response a long time. The gnome seemed to be sleeping or in some kind of trance. Yuuga thought he was just "stupidly silly, very much like all gnomes do".
- Ok, if that's what you want I'll make sure you get your payment as soon as I get my hands on it. Now bring me back home, mattey.
The gnome suddenly put his googles on and started waving his hands one against the other making a whirlpool of light out of the magic from the stone. Suddenly, a flush of light started to emanate from his fingers and the whirlpool exploded. Where once was a rock, there suddenly appeared a blue mirror screen. Yuuga approache it and said:
- Pray you get me home, or I'll come back for you, you little freak.
At his touch, the mirror turned into a vacuum and suddenly everything collapsed in Yuuga's world.

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Swan dijo...

The "comment" (deliberatly written with inverted commas) I was talking about in your previous Yugga entry, once I had understood what you meant by "googles", was a drawing I would've made of the gnome.
Now that you have continued the story and added a representation of the gnome, my intended "comment" is useless.
However, I want to say that... that frigging gnome is spooky O_o, gimme some more! XD

Neverknowsbest dijo...

Oh, I would really really like to read that comment of you, please. Thanks a lot. Would you like to contribute to the stories?

Swan dijo...

At the moment I'm trying to restore the drawing knowledge my hands once had. I've just realised that a lot is what I've lost. But anyway much of the aspect I was imagining of Yugga has now been overlaid by what seams to be its real appareance.

I once tried to contribute to a story of yours, previous Raul, but you never sent me a feedback on that matter which led me to think it probably wasn't much to your liking.

Well, lets face it, you're the good writer here. I write...in my own way which is kind of different from yours. If you want to give the story another turn in content and shape, it's ok. I'd like to work with you, I've never done it before.

I salute you, Neverknowsbest.

Neverknowsbest dijo...

Oh, I'm really sorry Swan, but I never received any feedback about Raúl, I would have told you if so. Please feel free to add any features to your liking. Yuuga is just a game for me, a blog game if you may think thta way, and everyone knows how much funnier is to play in group than alone. I'm more than greatful to add your parts of a story to the blog, it would enrich it, it would enrich me, it would be fun and most important of all, it's for free ;P Again, I want to point out, that this blog's title has three dots at the end, which means that everything's in the minds of the ones making it (not only me) waiting to be dragged out to the screen.

Thanks again for your comment, and I hope to receive your ideas.

azpeitia dijo...

Yuuga sentido otra vez el sentido de caída como él hizo la noche antes. Esta vez él también sintió las puntas(los consejos) de las ramas(sucursales) que rasguñan su piel amortiguándolo. Para cada rasguño, una maldición bursted de su apuntamiento de garganta al gnomo y toda su familia.

Él cogió una rama(sucursal) gruesa(espesa) y lo sostuvo fuerte. La rama(sucursal) crujió con el mismo sonido que su brazo. Dos rasgones(lágrimas) lucharon al bohordo de los ojos de Yuuga, y él puso sordina sobre un rugido tratando de estabilizarse. Él alcanzó el tronco y comenzó a bajar(disminuir) los pocos metros dejados(abandonados) a la tierra(razón), de sólo un brazo desde luego.