viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008


Yuuga felt again the sense of falling as he did the night before. This time he also felt the tips of the branches scratching his skin while cushioning him. For each scratch, a curse bursted from his throat aiming to the gnome and all his kin.

He caught a thick branch and held it tightly. The branch creaked with the same sound as his arm. Two tears struggled to scape from Yuuga's eyes, and he muted a roar while trying to stabilize. He reached the trunk and started going down the few metres left to the ground, with only one arm of course.

He relocated his shoulder and cried for a few seconds. He thought he should not use his left arm until it was alright. He stood up and took a look at the huge church-like building standing far in front of him. He didn't know in which part of Ravnica he was but he thought he better not stay very long in that forest, so he made his way to the palace.

As he walked, he felt the weight of sharp eyes looking at him from the vegetation. He already noticed that obscure place was not safe but he hadn't sensed the presence of someone or something right behind him, like making sure Yuuga stepped out of its territory as soon as possible.

He reached the gardens of the palace and started seeing people going in and out of the building, some driving oxen homes or little carts full of goods to sell. The place looked much more hectic
than he saw from far away. There was a yard just as he passed the entrance door and several giants keeping it. Inside, there was a market. People from all parts of the city had come to show their goods to the priests inside the palace, which strolled around chatting with the sellers and buying fruits, clothes, scrolls and other stuff.

Yuuga asked a priest for help with his arm. The priest took him trough several rooms until they reached one with a tall spiral staircase. He poked his shoulder and pointed at the end of the stairs. Yuuga went up the stairs and found a door at the end. He knocked and opened it.

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Swan dijo...

Me encanta el nuevo design de tu página, la combinación de los colores y la fotografía. Uff!! Le da mucha más vida a tus historias.
Quiero ir a un bosque así en mi vida!! Qué lugar tan lleno de misterio y magia.

Me gusta como te exprimes en inglés y las metáforas que utilizas.

Bueno, sabes engancharme a tus historias, bien hecho NeverKnowsBest!
No pares.

Neverknowsbest dijo...

Euhhh... ¿"te exprimes"? ¿No será "te expresas"?

Muchas gracias por tu comentario, pequeño cisne. Es verdad lo del blog, me gusta más a mi también (¡Qué raro que yo diga estas cosas!) lo de los colorines y eso, le da otro toque.

Swan dijo...

Jeje, qué tonta yo. Típico calco del francés. Perdóooon! =p
jaja, señorito colorines!